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N A T I O N A L   I P A    I n f o r m a t i o n

(Formerly TCPN)


Contract Information

Auctioneer Services Contract #R141902
Contract Term 6/20/2017 to 1/31/2020

Contract Services and Benefits:

Choose to experience online auction success:
* Generate maximum income from assets
* Reduce costs of selling
* Improve efficiency of warehouse & storage management
* Reduce depreciation by selling assets quickly
* Reduce staff involvement with full service Hands-Free online auctions

Contract Highlights:
* Contract covers Online auction services for all National IPA (TCPN) members nationally
* Revenue generating services
* Types of items include surplus, confiscated, unclaimed and other types of property
* When an agency needs to sell, Lone Star has answers and markets for almost any type of item
* Items sell where they are located. Moving to a central location is not necessary
* Items may be sold soon after eligible to be sold, reducing the wait time for revenue generation.
* Reallocation and restricted sales available

Lead Public Agency:
Region 4 ESC
7145 West Tidwell Road
Houston, TX 77092

National IPA (TCPN) has the administrative and legal capacity to administer purchases on behalf of Region
4 ESC under the Vendor Contract … as permitted by applicable law.

Lone Star Offers Under This Contract:

Best Value Full-Service online auctions
* LSA staff do most of the work
* Seller responsibilities are limited
* Easy to learn & simple for seller staff
* Nicknamed ‘Hands-Free’ by a major university system client

Purchasing Procedure:

* Contact Lone Star Auctioneers to learn about service options & pricing

   Contact Ed Lanford or Marilyn Burgess

Member downloads Due Diligence Documents to meet legal requirements for cooperative purchasing. Documents are available on or on Lone Star’s contract page on

* Purchase orders are not required for Auctioneer Services
* Lone Star provides services nation-wide directly to the participating agency.


Best price guarantee: Region 4 ESC and its participating entities receive the lowest pricing available throughout the duration of the contract.

Due Diligence Documents: Solicitation, Contract & Admendments, Marketing Materials (pdf)



Business Notes


National IPA

(Formerly TCPN)


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